You never know how your words will change someone’s life.  Whether they’re spoken in person, scrawled on a torn piece of notebook paper, eloquently written in a Hallmark card, posted on a Facebook wall or tweeted within the 140-character-limit of the internet’s most popular micro-blogging application…

Your words are powerful.

How do I know this?

Mark Zmarzly.

I’ve known Mark for several years and would easily rank him as one of the most intelligent and witty marketers in the world. However, despite a successful career, Mark had not yet begun to discover the true purpose for the rest of his days.  A natural and genuine salesperson, he probably could have spent the rest of his time selling ice to Eskimos, getting very rich in the process, simply through his ability to identify a need and design a solution.

However, one tweet changed his life.

Taking a risk and applying to speak at TEDxLincoln 2012, Mark labored many hours over the perfect presentation.  Sprinkled with the right amount of humor and a small dose of gut-wretching self-exploration, the audience learned how “Beanless Chili,” as he was nicknamed by his wife, said “yes” to many things in life, including heartache and pain, that have made him the man he is today. (His talk has over 21,000 views)

But on that stage, he also discovered energy, excitement and motivation that he’d never felt before.

And then he got this tweet.


This tweet, sent by an audience member at TEDx Lincoln, got Mark thinking about what he does with his life and the power of his days.

And because of this, Mark has a new trajectory for his life.  Now, be warned, this isn’t one of those stories where he quits his job, sells his belongings, buys a donkey and treks across the US on a foot, proclaiming a purpose for his steps.

No, the tweet prompted a new outlook and a determination to tie what he is doing to a greater good. Mark is now working on a successful startup in the financial space – check out HipPocket.

HipPocket website

He’s also launching a speaking and writing platform where he can continue to inspire and motivate others with his stories.

In his most recent TEDx talk, Mark discusses why we’re not meant to find a deeper purpose. With nearly a 1,000 views already, it will challenge your choices and invite you explore the purpose in your life and the power of your days.

Watch Mark’s latest TEDx talk: