Practical and Action-packed.

Ali’s presentation style brings energy, humor, and practical marketing advice to audiences everywhere. Bring a notebook and a pen — cause you’re gonna need it.


No such thing as a canned presentation here. Talks are personalized to the company and desired results.



Each talk has both inspirational points as well as tactical takeaways. Audiences don’t leave empty handed.



Ali’s down-to-earth approach, coupled with her experience, makes it possible to connect with audiences on all levels.

Recent Feedback

Groups love Ali. It’s easy to see why.

Ali makes you feel like you’ve been riding in a convertible at 90 mph with the top down! Her enthusiasm for all things marketing is highly infectious! I’m always blown away by the depth and breadth of her strategic and tactical knowledge.

Ali did a fantastic job doing a training on Social Media and Marketing at our SCORE Workshop. All the comments and feed back from the attendees agreed or strongly agreed that she did a great presentation.

Great job! I enjoyed it and it was well worth the 2 hour drive away! I loved the social media focus and examples.

I would love to see Ali come back and speak again at our fall conference.

Don't wait! Get your date on the calendar.

In case you’re wondering…

Do you travel?
Yes. I love meeting people in new places! There are T&E expenses that will need to be negotiated prior to signing the agreement.
How do you secure a date?
There is a 25% nonrefundable deposit to secure the date, along with the signed agreement.
What topics do you speak on?
Literally anything related to marketing. But that can be a little overwhelming, so I usually ask what types of challenges and opportunities your group is experiencing. From this we can tailor a presentation to suit your needs. As to be expected, this often encompasses social media, email marketing, marketing strategy, how to write a marketing plan, using technology to grow your business, content marketing, creative idea generation, and more.
Do you have references?
Absolutely. I’m more than happy to send you a list of people you can call and talk with personally. These individuals have hired me in the past to present to their groups. Plus, they were not personal friends prior to us meeting, so they definitely have unbiased feedback!
Are materials included in your fees?
I try to build all fees into the agreement so that there are no hidden costs (other than the estimates of travel expenditures, which are typically reimbursed after the fact). This typically includes copies of workbooks, supplies etc if necessary.