I love marketing, business, and creating new things.

In third grade, I was given the gift that served as a gateway drug to a life of creativity — a 35 mm Nikon Camera. That camera had a little sling on the side of it, and I never went anywhere without it attached to my wrist. Soon I was coaxing my siblings into taking tricks shots, making my parents pose in the living room, and chasing the dog around the backyard for pet portraits.

My creative ambitions shifted to combine with math and analytics — the perfect combination for a unique approach to helping entrepreneurs, small business owners, and individuals launching brands online.


More than 20 years after I took my first photos (which look like they had an Instagram filter – the original vintage!), I get to geek out each day doing what I love — marketing. I love sharing my passion with others, teaching them how they can excel in marketing their business as well!

I own a marketing agency (simplestrat.com), and have a hand in many other side business projects, including Bar Napkin Business, Grandstand Style, and a few other ventures.


I’m an entrepreneur-mom-photographer-wife-creator-musician-runner-business-owner. I teach fitness classes in my spare time and hammer out classical tunes on the piano. The list goes on. But all of those things make me strategically positioned to create a unique impact on the world. I’m a “hyphen”, which keeps things interesting. And helps me draw ideas from a variety of sources. And connect with people from all backgrounds.


I love creating content and would love to connect with you on social media to learn more about your story! I look forward to helping you accomplish your dreams. Let’s do this together. Feel free to join me on any of these networks:


Want to lend a hand for a new product?

In the last few years, it’s become increasingly difficult to plan marketing strategies and share information with a number of people so that we’re all on the same page. Too many documents, too many ideas, and it’s easy to get distracted or confused among the sea of plans and papers. So, I’m conducting research into building a simple software tool that would facilitate this process and make it easy to use and share. If you’d like to share your feedback or ideas, I’d LOVE that! Please click below to send me a message!

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